Friday, November 04, 2011


Ok - look - they should have put a WAY better disclaimer on the movie the Notebook - seriously - I cry and cry and cry and then cry some more -  GAWD!  (I know - how is it that I'm only seeing this movie now - well I just never saw it and then had the chance and still didn't watch it and then tonight - well I flicked it on and ... well - I watched it...

Honestly - it isn't a great film but the story is so gut wrenching - sheesh.

Ok - well I have some more unpacking I'd like to get through...

We are ok - we are managing.

my love to you.


Carmen said...

Glad you checked in... and yes - I totally agree - the movie isn't the greatest, but the end is cry-worthy. Hope things are going as well as they can be... hugs.

M said...

I think that the note book is the sweetest love story ever! I cry so hard! Thats truly how love should be you just feel it with every part of you and together you are one. Truly beautiful.
I miss you and I love you :)

april said...

Thank you! I love you guys and thank you to everyone else for the emails and Facebook notes.