Friday, November 11, 2011

Two things

Two things happened yesterday. Two things that I wasn't 100% sure were even possible.

1. I weighed in and for the first time in the history of me having a drivers license I was under the lied weight that I've had on there for 18 years.  It is shocking.  Once I figured out that I was actually under I sat there dumbfounded - how could it be.  I've been as much as 80 lbs over the weight listed on my driver's license... granted - that is at the height of being pregnant with Kyle, but Kyle only weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and I gained WAY more than that with him.

2. I went to get a dress for a special event I'm going to and... hold on to your seats... my goal was to be able to (in my words) pour myself into a size 12 dress - while this might not seem like a lofty goal it was huge for me - the "girls" had never EVER fit into dresses of this size - not as long as I've had them... and so... here I stood trying on a dress and it fit and ... it was a size 10... a 10... a ten - I'm knocking on single digits door and truth be told I have a size 8 pair of pants now... that fit!

So despite everything else in life right now the weight loss continues - which I'm grateful for.  Truth be told I still have weight I want to lose - I would love to be down about 15-20 lbs more - which now actually seems attainable.

Other than that... well I'm ok, kids are good and life has thrown fantastic days - I mean - FANTASTIC days and days where I wish I could crawl back under the covers and see if a few hours under the blankets will make a difference.

My love to you - xo

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