Friday, November 11, 2011

the sky

My BC readers will be well aware that there is some weird weather happening right now.  It is blustery in spots, snowing, raining and here - it is cloudy and cool, but not snowing... (please wait another 10 days - please).

And since I'm nearly finished organizing my crap I decided to bust out the camera and shoot some sky tonight...

The sky was moving too much to capture clear images... but I did manage to get this creepy one... (and no I did not photoshop this one)

Ok - wait - a little more.
I have kept a lot of stuff - Grandma passed away and I got piles of stuff... I decided to photograph what I really loved and move on from it - it is doing nothing other than take up space - I don't use it so why am I keeping it - just to feel close to her - but I can do that through photography.. and so I did...  here are some things...

Grandma's curler basket and glass for the curling pins

Here hair was still on the curlers... it was heart wrenching to throw away... but it is time and no one is ever going to use these... 

Hugs and smooches to you tonight - all my love - xo

1 comment:

M said...

The picture of grandma's stuff makes me want to cry! Correction makes me cry. I wish I would have got to see her once more before she left us, I miss her laugh.

Thanks for sharing the photo.