Thursday, January 22, 2009

the battle

Mouthguard - check...

Sanity... sometimes lost...

Headache - something that won't go away... very very sad

Sleeping - YES - AMEN!

Thanks to Amy I've booked my appointment for the chiropractor visit and I'm also getting some blood work to see if there is more to this than just a jaw issue.

What else? Well life has trogged (yes, that's a new word) on. Michael got a cold and is making a come back from that. Kyle had a whopper of a nose bleed this morning. I use to get them pretty often as a kid so it isn't a big deal, but this morning - man - he bled for a good 15 minutes if not longer... and of course he got blood all over the place. Good times :)

Ok and here is a great video to check out... It is definitely worth watching... this might be the next big trend... no more bride and groom dancing stunts - just kick ass, out of the box speeches :)

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