Friday, January 23, 2009


So I'm sitting here trying to eat a muffin when it happens - i start getting the twinge weirdness that has been plaguing my temple for weeks - the thing that is causing me great stress and making me feel like there really is something wrong with me... I take a bite, it happens again, I take another bite and now feel it happening as I bite - and now I think I'm coming to conclusions - maybe this muscle is just so strained from all the change and pain and all the rest of it that is it twitching just like my eye does or my other parts does when I get stressed out or over use it...

I also now know that I clench in my sleep. At 6:14 I woke up from a nightmare (dreaming again - I'm dreaming nearly every night right now - so I'll take it even if it was a nightmare) and was definitely clenching my teeth.

What was the dream? (Mel - stop reading here... )
Well I was flying out of Vancouver and we took off into the fog. The fog was dense and we didn't get very high, then I could see Hwy 1 (right near Port Coquitlam) below me - everything was very clear and then we started to try and pull up and then it was like a radio came on talking about a crashed plane on highway one. Then I look out on the road way again and I see a plane (white with some blue on it) with its wings missing and then a pile of sheets - I could see someone under one the sheets and then I was up. It didn't really scare me - it more startled me because I tried to go back to sleep to see what was going to happen next.. I'm one of those choose your own adventure types and get interested easily... I have a lot of plane crash dreams and I usually stay asleep through something like that because I've had so many - in fact I usually have the same dreams - with slight modifications

So there you go... back to the grind

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