Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you are sick and know you are sick - sick enough that really you shouldn't be at work and you keep telling everyone around you that you shouldn't be at work and that you've noticed that you are getting worse and not better - don't think for a second that coughing without covering your mouth is ok.

Now I'm writing this because I didn't say anything to you when you coughed in my GD'en face and I sat there so flamin' shocked that you did what you did and you didn't acknowledge your rude behavior, you just carried on like nothing even happened and maybe your brain didn't connect the fact that you were sharing a terrible cold but my brain noticed it - and I'm pissed about it. I'm not in kindergarten or daycare - coughing on others is NOT ok and it is not acceptable. And now I'm getting sick - I can feel it- and on top of that all of the stress I've experienced in the past four weeks has given me some kind of gastro problem - that may very well be an ulcer.

So there is a heap of complaining - bang a gong for 2009 is the year of the whiner in my house.

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Jen said...

I hate asses like that. I honestly, even dislike those who think they're doing a favour by covering their mouth with their hand when they cough, and then passing me something or opening a door or... If you're not going to stay home, at least cough into your arm, people!