Saturday, January 03, 2009

a blizzard?

So apparently this winter hasn't been bad enough - now they are calling for a BLIZZARD tomorrow afternoon. I'm taking it that that doesn't mean we are all supposed to stop by Dairy Queen tomorrow and pick our favorite flavour. I don't recall actually seeing a blizzard warning for Quesnel before... crazy - madness even. What really sucks is that I was hoping to test out my x-country skiis tomorrow - but there's no way I'm bothering to drive in that.

What else? Well my TMJ (jaw stuff) is brutal right now. It has been pretty bad since I went on holidays but is getting worse and worse - to the point that now I'm avoiding solid food - I'm taking as much advil as I'm allowed - and have been forced to wait to even book a dentist appointment until Monday because my dentist took just as much holiday time as I did.. BLAST! I'm just hoping that getting a mouth guard will solve my problem. I think a bunch of my jaw issues are stress related - but I haven't quite figured out how to make changes to that - but I'm definitely seeking help with it because the pain is literally driving me insane...

On that pleasant and pleasing note I'm going to continue going through my collection of magazines and removing the articles I like and then taking the rest off to the hospital for others to read.

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Anonymous said...

I know! Blizzard!?!?! this little house on the prairie? Hopefully it won't be as bad as they say.

On the TMJ thing, I have a friend who had it so bad she couldnt eat anything, and she is totally recovered now after seeing my chiropractor in PG. Randy Mills, 563-4563, a little expensive to start because you have to get xrays but I cannot recommend him highly enough. He does things a lot diffrently than most chiros - no cracking - it is totally painless. Seriously...she is totally fine now after like 6 treatments. She still has lots of stress in her life too, but the TMJ went away. Good luck! I can't imagine how much fun that is!!! hope you feel better soon.