Sunday, January 04, 2009


Well it got a little bit snowy (less than an inch) and a little bit windy, but at my house there was no blizzard. Disappointing really, I could have gotten out x-country skiing for the afternoon if I hadn't been so worried about what the weather was going to do... I guess better safe than sorry - but I really could have used a ski. I guess it will have to wait until next weekend now.

Today was Michael's 3rd birthday. We spent some time this morning making a chocolate cake and then the boys helped decorate with green sprinkles - Michael's choice... we waited until after dinner to open presents and Kyle wanted to give his first.

What you have here is a rocket ship from recycled materials. He spent about an hour this morning taping things and glueing things - it was so nice to see him work at something so hard for his brother... really it was quite touching. The bottle is the rocket ship that launches out of the box. Michael really liked it and got it right away - that the gift was a rocket ship. I wish now that I had done the same - the more birthdays and christmas gift exchanges we go through the more I really wonder about gift giving - it really isn't about the gifts... love is all that matters.

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