Friday, August 27, 2010

11' o clock

So tonight is a good night to go see Mars - it is on the right hand side of the moon - brightest thing next to the moon... would be spectacular in a dark place... I also saw a shooting star tonight.

I went to send out a -hip hip hooray - to Mr Clean's Magic Eraser... I've burned through two of them in my mom-inlaws kitchen and bought four more to finish tomorrow... they have taken off stuff I couldn't scrub off and have made the corner that is finished pretty nice... I'm going to clean the stove top tonight and then call it a day.

We've visited this house for years and every visit we talk about a cabinet in the living room - that it needed to be moved - but no one ever took it upon themselves to do it - so... I'd had enough... let's move the damn thing - it was actually less of an ordeal than I thought it would be - it weighed a tonne but we got it out of the house (down the front stairs only to find out that it was too wide.. then back up the stairs and out the back porch which is rotten in the corner and was worrying...) and then brought it back through the front door and put it in the living room downstairs. Afterwards I took the kids in the living room that was free of this 300 lb chunk of early 1980's crafted tv holder and danced... danced in the spot it used to take up - hooray!

Then it was onto cleaning again - last night I cleaned for an hour but didn't get far and then started again tonight for an hour... I could easily spend another six hours - just in the kitchen... madness... I likely won't though, as we are heading home on Sunday and tomorrow is a day of visiting Uncle Derek and Aunti Wendy.

I'm feeling pretty lowly tonight - tired... plus my throat is bugging me... blah... of course... of course I'm coming down with something... I have a 10 hour drive to look "forward" to and having throat pain is just what the doctor ordered... and speaking of doctors anyone watch the Lions play tonight - one player ran through the crowd and cut his throat on the coroplast signs on the side lines.. he didn't get it very deep - apparently just his adam's apple - but it was quite the thing... poor guy... I know - how knew that I watched or even cared about CFL...

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