Monday, August 02, 2010

long weekend

Alright - so three days off... hooray! Not sleeping great because my back is terrible in one spot.
I thought I'd post on my parents because I'm sure that some people may be wondering...
So there is a fire at Pelican Lake - well there is more than one - a bunch of big ones. So the fire started tracking north and then cut right back towards Nazko... it looks like the fire is about five-eight miles (last night) to their house. This is significantly closer than the fire from four years ago. Houses five miles from my parents have been evacuated so they decided to bring in the valuables and the dogs and head to the Island (Haidi Gwaii) to take my brother home and take in some fishing. A friend of theirs is watering the garden until he can't stay any longer - his place had a fire at it two days ago and this puts a fire within one mile of their home. So I'll post things as they occur - right now I'm waiting for my update on how the trip went today and if they heard anything about the house.

I'm going to go and read... I miss having a house that I can have a bath in - I bought some special bath "teas"... guess I'll save them for a road trip... night all - love, hugs and smooches!

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