Thursday, August 12, 2010

the pool

Tonight I decided to take the guys to the pool - even though I totally hate the pool. The last time I went I got sick... this time I just wanted to peel my skin off. I managed to last for a total of 45 minutes and then my skin was aching so bad that I had to call it... the guys had fun and whined about leaving and then were silent the entire way home. Within in 15 minutes they were changed, showered and into bed.. sleeping... and now I'm getting my camera gear and heading outside... helllooooo meteor shower.

Reading this and it is still Thursday night... what are you doing... go outside - see something amazing... something that will make you want more... enjoy it - love it - it is part of living in the universe, on a giant planet... let the meteor counting begin! Woohoo!

And later that very night...

Cassiopeia - beautiful!

I hate barking dogs and being lonely.

And... 10:52pm...

Really, really hate barking dogs... can't help but think something is out there when they can't stop barking and barking and barking... managed to see two really good ones and then busted out the equipment and waited - and then... of course - my battery died - just as I was thinking - I wonder how much more juice I have in this thing.. so now I wait for it to charge... it is ok - this show goes on until 4am... until the sun rises... woohoo... need coffee.... hmmmm... maybe that will be the next thing since the wine and toast wasn't working that well for me. And before I forget - Kyle begged me to wake him up to see the show - after I saw the two good ones I went in there and tried - and tried and tried and got a loud long snore... - I just wanted to record it somewhere that I did try.

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