Thursday, August 19, 2010

summer... what happened

Ok - so I'm not really that sad that it was cool today, but since we were going to go to the water slide... it would have been nice.. we decided not to go after some thinking-rethinking on the issue. So what did we do then? Ahhh - well we went to the eco-dairy in abbotsford - very good - those guys know how to do agri-tourism in an upscale way! Then we went to try and visit aunti paula but turns out that she was busy in training - so then we went to our back up surprise - the Abbotsford Hatchery - it is a bit run down but it is nice - and the guys loved it... then well we headed out to White Rock and walked the beach and had lunch and then made our way to Richmond.

Tonight was chinese food from T&T Supermarket and then I made a few dishes. We had cake to celebrate Derek and Wendy being pregnant - hooray - they are about 3.5 months along... hooray! More babies...

So I won't be loading photos tonight - I'm tired .. Michael woke up at 4:30am with a nose bleed - big time - first really big one - and of course he keeps trying to blow his nose and then he is half asleep - he bled for quite a while - so then we got back to sleep but it wasn't great sleep... so I'm done for today... need sleep - need a break... night

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M said...

Do you think the bloody nose thing is genetic?

Poor little guy. Glad to hear you guys are having a good trip.

Love you!