Sunday, August 15, 2010


Kyle's attention span - well it is a little lacking sometimes...

Michael - Can you stop doing that? (Kyle is pulling on a blanket they are trying to share.)
Kyle - no comment - he is watching a cartoon
Michael - Can you stop doing that? KYLE
Kyle - no comment
Michael - (starts to get pushy and then pulls on the blanket this gets Kyle's attention - he turns towards Michael)
me - Kyle, can you listen to Michael, and stop pulling on the blanket, please
Kyle - Squirrel - look squirrel...



M said...

HAahahahaha What a kid. Hey are you going to send me the books, or bring them or wait till I'm back in the north again some day?

april said...

Wasn't really sure - for now I'm just putting stuff aside... are there things you really need still... wasn't sure if your mom-in-law-ish was hooking you up with everything or not...

fyi - mom is totally talking about coming to visit... she's mentioned it a few times... not sure if anything will come of it but thought i'd mention it

(word of the day - dograna - my dograna away, it was sad.)

M said...

Did your dog run away??? Or are you just being silly?

Mom coming hahah funny. I am not going to hold my breath. His mom gave us a lot of stuff! I need a bag but I have one in mind its $80 but its totally worth it! Walter wants a backpack thing to carry baby in, but thats not till later. I need a 0 - 3 month winter jacket/one piece. I would like the whole Robert Munch book series so if you see any pick them up. We need and crib still but have a basenet so we will be ok for it to come home ether way.

Other wise I have no idea what else we need I have to really think and look through everything. We have lots of one piece sleepers and under clothing stuff but no winter clothing really. I have no idea.