Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hello city

Well we made it to good old Chilliwack tonight... and it smells just like the last time I was here... awesome!
Tomorrow we are surprising the guys by going to the waterpark - which I'm less than interested in... but they'll love it - so I'm in.
The trip was super smoky - from Quesnel to 100 Mile it was less than great... and about 20 minutes into our ride...

Lights, and an officer in the middle of the road
Um - you were going 32 over in a construction zone...
Wait... class 4... that makes you a paramedic....

And then you see how the system really works - if you are part of the "team" (super heroes are us) you get forgiven on speeding... I'd love to know what else is forgivable... I gotta say I'm furious about it - do I want a ticket - no - but I would have laughed because he wasn't paying attention to the speed and was going over in a construction zone - the officer did note that those funds could be spent on me.. that's about a $400 ticket - he noted $250, but that was without excessive speeding - so we'll see how that plays out... what was also funny is that the guy comes back to the car and he asks for me by name... so now you know he has called in and someone said - hey I know that guys wife... so you should totally bring that up... and then later on we can laugh about it.

Alright - so photos and fun tomorrow night..

(Paula - I texted you back.. I don't have your new number - I'll call your cell tomorrow)

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