Sunday, August 29, 2010

back in q-town

We made it home tonight - 7 hours from Langley - which is very good time for us. Stop at a few places along the way for pee breaks and snacks.. long day - I was super tired but just pushed through it all. I'm sore tonight and just looking forward to a hot-smelly shower (lol) and then back to work tomorrow.

We stopped at Horstings Farm (Cache Creek) and had sandwiches - we went last summer and it wasn't great, but tried our luck again and it was WAY better - WAYYYY... so definitely worth the stop if you are travelling north or south on 97 - far better than some fast food... you can get a great sandwich, yummy soup or chili and pie.. I passed on the pie (totally regretted it later), as I started thinking about calories and caved on getting it... blah...

Camera - well I'm just thinking about it - I'm still mad about the whole thing

Ha - just watched a commercial from BP... love the ending... we are going to be here until the oil is gone... HA - HA - that is hilarious - of course they'll be there until the oil that is usable for something else is gone, but this clean up will have negative impacts far past that date... I loved reading in a magazine recently that the reason they aren't seeing millions of gallons washing up on the shore is that there is a microbe eating it all... the ocean is a big place... who exactly is out there looking for it... I watched a special in the states on how terrible the disaster really is and how BP has screwed up numerous times in the past and that anyone watching their track record should have seen it coming... that another disaster would happen and soon... it was a pretty interesting show... I'll have to find out where it was from - as I'd like to watch the whole thing.

alright - well I'm done... must sleep - my Dad is going to be here at 6:15 to give us Max back

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