Thursday, December 30, 2010

break photos

This is my new laptop bag.  Hooray - I love ESPE!
Plus it came with a great shopping bag.

This is tonight's mess - Max found 2 toilet paper rolls
and promptly destroyed them - this is part way through clean up

Sushi making on Boxing Day - Kyle totally got into it 
He picked the filling for all of the rolls - and then ate lots :)

Two cute boys

This is the reason why Max destroyed the toilet paper rolls

The boys both got spy gear - the sunglasses let you see behind you

Hello - I've had too many cookies - but hey... what's one more cupcake
Mmmmmm.... cupcakes - direct from the Quesnel Bakery to our bellies

A pretty spice picture - the beginning of yummy chocolate ginger cookies
They were delicious!  Ok - I didn't really eat them but they smelled awesome

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