Friday, December 31, 2010

well that ends the year on a high note... ha

Today we went and did a little shopping, but I wanted to surprise the guys with a swim at the pool.  And so we pull in there and they are all - why are we here - I tell them there is a pool here... blank looks - I can see them processing it - 'we know there is a pool here' ... sooooooo - we get to go swimming - hooray.

So we go in and play in the big pool and the little pool and have lots of fun... and it is time to go - I'm giving the 10 minute warning (again) but we are leaving and then Kyle kicks off the foam thing in the pool and trashes my nose... I didn't even see it coming - all I know is that it happened and my brain told me to get out of the pool 'cause you are bleeding.  I get over to the edge and I'm bleeding all over the place - I pull myself out of the pool and the guys get out and we wander into the first aid room.  The first aid girl is a bit surprised by all the blood and says - more than once - you're really bleeding - I take it in stride because I'm a bleeder and this is life - but holy crap - it hurts - I've never been kicked right in the nose/teeth before and now my nose feels like it is broken - I don't want to move it much because any movement is painful and my teeth still feel jiggly... if that makes any sense.

Anyhow there you go - now we are at home - Kyle and I are going to play and Michael wants to watch a movie.  Good times - good times.

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M said...

aww my poor sister!!! I hope you are feeling better. By the way I love your new bag, its awesome and makes me want one. Walter bought me a laptop bag for my birthday but I really like yours!!!