Wednesday, December 01, 2010


12:08 - it is officially December

I know - you are equally as excited as I am

Magic Erasers
A few years ago I spent some time assessing the Magic Erasers and couldn't find what the ingredient was that caused everything to be cleaned with such ease.  I have still not figured this out - however - the last time I used them it took the skin off my fingers.

And the answer is....
Magic Erasers have a melamine foam and no formaldehyde - I found a story about a child that had rubbed it on his arms and face and it burned him - so note to self - don't try to remove make up with Magic Erasers... was sooo going to try that tonight... so I guess that explains why my finger tips were a mess after the last use - it is probably the first time that I've used an entire eraser in one day... maybe that over use did it... so what is the good news story here - well it means that I should do less house work and relax more... ok, so maybe that isn't the moral of the story, but sit back for a moment, and let's discuss how we can make that work :)

xxoo - happy December


Jen said...,bkTcy7st

Check out the catalogue page 31 for friendlier magic eraser type things. I have personally used the cloths and the cleaning paste and love both. I have friends who have used the paste to even get permanent marker off of wood. Tyler loves the weird net dish cloth (I don't do the dishes). It can go in the dishwasher to be cleaned. Tyler really likes the toothbrush. The mattress cleaner has helped people stop snoring, and helps people with dust mite allergies. Etc. Etc.

I don't like the laundry detergent. The environmental stuff I use (NatureClean) even gets grease out without an issue or anything extra, and theirs doesn't.


I'm off to bed.

Oh, my cousin said her mother got the Tassimo and she seems to be thrilled with it, at least according to random Facebook status updates. Personally, I'm adding Starbucks Via to my hot cocoa recipe in the mornings. I liked it today with the caramel flavour. Mmmmmmm.

Take care,

april said...

Thanks, Jen!
I'll definitely look into the site and the natural cleaners - I don't need to keep losing my finger tips :)

Jen said...

My friend from high school sells the products, so I can either order them for you and ship them to you if you're interested, or she could hook you up to be your own consultant if you'd prefer.


I'll post a pic of snowman cupcakes that I made tonight as soon as I get something to hook the camera up to the computer again. I think that it's something that your craftiness might be interested in.