Monday, December 13, 2010


Lucky me I got some new teas....

I got some mistletoe tea - from Steeped - the new tea shop in Downtown Quesnel and some all nut (with a little apple) tea from David's tea.

They are yummy - little bit of honey and it is all good :)

Now off to have a cup...

(yes, this quick post means that I had a crappy day and frankly I have nothing to really say that is positive or uplifting.. oh wait - I do have one thing - heyyyyyy stupid people - a cappuccino is not a fancy italian word for regular coffee, if you ever go back to starbucks (doubt it) ask for a tall (small), grande (medium), venti (large) coffee.... kah-fee... - I watched a grown man get mad - very mad - because there was foam in his cappuccino and what the hell was it doing in there...  for five cents! mad people - go home and be mad there - leave your anger and hate for the world somewhere else - your anger does nothing for you except shorten your life expectancy - if you wore a smile you'd live longer and be a joy to be with... and hey - if you'd have smiled at the starbucks lady instead of being a total douche bag she would probably have made you another drink to make your day but instead she did nothing because you were an asshole!)

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