Friday, December 02, 2011


I think I just wanted to write the word vent...  I have nothing worth writing - just that there is a volcano in my stomach and eating did nothing to help it - and I would go home and lay down except that my parents are going to be there in two hours and I have NO interest in talking to them either since I'm such an asshole and don't care about their feelings or concerns or - and this is only one of many things causing the volcanic situation... mumble grumble gurgle burp



I won $5 on a scratch ticket - I spent that money on a lotto max ticket - I'm putting it out there to win tonight!

Today is December 2 - today is my best friend from elementary schools birthday - he would be 36 today - I lost touch with him years ago - I hope he has a great day today.  For some reason I remember birthdays - that and license plates...

I need to work on budget so that is what I'm doing next

Someone in our building can't flush the toilet properly I want to beat them up with a rake

I am sad

I am happy

I am lost

I am found

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