Sunday, May 06, 2012


Last night was super moon 2012 and, of course, we had cloud cover (there was a meteor shower last night too).  I managed to get a few shots, but had to drive half way to Nazko to get them and nearly smoked a deer on the way - thankfully the idiot looked up about a second before he decided to cross the road - glad he looked.

Today looks like it will be beautiful - but - it's been like this every morning for a while and it tends to go 'yuk' around 11am... so I hope we will miss that part of the day and just have gorgeous sunshine.

I'm tired this morning - sleeping on the couch did nothing for me last night - couldn't sleep - tossing and turning and finally just getting up because I was sick of the couch and didn't want to sleep in the bed.  My legs and my right hip were not super pleased about the run yesterday either... they were screaming at midnight about 'how could I - and who did I think I was' and I had a really sweet headache, near migraine - but all of it went away and I'm largely pain free this morning.

Guys should be here in a few minutes, they have a birthday party this afternoon - a good friend of mine - so we will all go to that and then I'm not sure what.  We could go on another Cariboo Safari, or head to my parents or just hangout at the house... I'll see what they want to do.

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday with lots of fun and laughs and sunshine!  I'll post photos tonight as I got a great fox photo, some of the moon and a bunch of great family ones :)  xo

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