Tuesday, May 08, 2012

good grief

Fireplace hasn't worked in a few weeks.  It is quite sad because we love it and have spent the night in the living room to enjoy it and then one day it just stopped.

It has taken a few weeks to get someone to look at it and they finally arrived about 10 minutes ago.  And so they pull it apart - looking at all its little parts - blue flame = good... on button = good...



"Do you happen to have any double A batteries in the house?"



really... really... Luongo doesn't have batteries that work....


"Well we just want to check it."


Why Luongo?

All of the large appliances have names...  the washer/dryer were named first (Bob and Doug), dish washer is Jack (like Simple Jack... Tropic Thunder), and the new fridge is Fred.  Luongo doesn't run well, blows hot air and stopped contributing to the team - ... the fire place Luongo... just saying :)


Blue flame ignites...


He tries to make me feel better by saying - hey - "most people would never know that there were batteries in any of this - it's ok."

I laugh.

I tell them how I'm going to share the great adventure of this morning - that there was actually a whatchamadingdong screw in the back and the fireplace guys turned into fairies and went inside the fireplace so they didn't have to pull the whole wall apart and managed to find the whatchamadingdong and put it back in its spot... and then everything got hot - they were burning up - there little wings were catching on fire because Luongo got turned on so fast because he hasn't work in ages... and so they quickly escaped.  Phew.  Hate to see the worker's comp on that... sheesh....

F-ing batteries... damnit

Ok - off to work.


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