Monday, May 07, 2012

and today in the life of me

"Mom - come take my photo..."

Ok - I'm coming - hold on

"Mom, hold on - let me get ready."

*intense prep follows - Michael is now getting ready to hang off the monkey bars*

"Alright - I'm ready"


And as I start to shoot he pulls up his shirt in a effort to pull his pants down so I'd photograph him hanging with his gonch hanging out - awesome... mooning the camera - now stripping - good grief.

What else...
Well my day had a rough start but things improved along the way.  David sent me the most amazing flowers - it was shocking - the delivery girl laughed that they didn't even need the address - just told to take them to April and off they came to my office...

I mean - totally and completely spectacular!  They stand about 2 1/2 feet tall.

And then tonight - technology was abandoned and we headed to our park.

(Michael saw this via pinterest and asked for one... so we made it)

Below - (from the weekend) - when I first downloaded these photos I thought a ninja had sunk into the house - (see the back pack that looks like it has eyes... right - fine - so it is just me and I'm mental... right... darn it!)

And just something different (this also from the weekend...) thought it might look funny in the yard... no, David, it is not in the yard .... not yet - gotta go pick it up .. ok - I'm kidding... I bought the boy version, but I couldn't post that here... trying to keep it PG - stop laughing - I totally didn't curse in this post. (yes, I double checked.)

xo my loves - sweet dreams!


Jen said...

I really was wondering what sort of mask you were wearing and why.

april said...

It scared me when I was looking at the photos... really wondered what I'd caught in the photograph... madness... :)