Sunday, May 06, 2012


Today was an emotional day.  Apparently two of the three of us needed to be emotional and a wee bit crazy - crazy to the point that I decided I was getting rid of the PS3 - I just bought it at Christmas time - but it doesn't help anything in life.  I'm sick of - can I play on it - I only have one game for it - and while we can enjoy our time on it, it - like all tech stuff - has become more than outside time - more than life.

Most of me wants to just sell it all - I love my rock band - love it - but we'd have more fun on a hike than we would playing the PS3.

So after a number of outbursts by Kyle - arguing with me about when I said he could play it next - because I said he could play on Friday night and then they didn't get to so when was he going to get to and on and on and on - and I finally broke - said it was all going.  

So it is leaving - I'll need to get a dvd player but that's it - all of it is going - I shouldn't have even bothered getting it.

And so Kyle has cried this evening a number of times because he is very sad that it is going.  We have had some really great times with it - but I know that our future is bigger and brighter than any good time that can be had with a piece of technology.  Sigh.. tough... very tough!

We had a birthday party to go today which was fun - played games, soccer, and saw an amazing cake and was shocked at how much food the kids could pack away.  We spent the morning gardening and then in the late afternoon I showed Michael some cool felt things I'd seen on pinterest (thank you, Carmen) and then he said he wanted to look - after 10 minutes he found a fox that he liked - and so - we built it.  Took longer than I thought but without a pattern and just looking at one online photo I think we did ok.

And now - I'm going to pack up the PS3 - sell it on Facebook - and go have a shower.

xo - xo my loves
hugs, smooches and love
may this week be amazing for all of us

and now - to go soak ... and wait - cuddle with Kyle - as he is yelling a request...


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