Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Ok I love Tropic Thunder. I could watch it over and over all day (nearly have done this...). And you would be correct to guess that that is my background to this evening's activities.

"Tired of being your trail donkey's - pretending you are some kind of human GPS" - man, Robert Downy Jr is awesome in this. I laughed when I saw him nominated for awards but really he is amazing in this movie. He is believable as an Aussie, and African American and has some of the funniest lines every said in a movie. The whole cast is great.

What else? Not much. We went to the library tonight and sat around looking at reference books for a while. They have a great dinosaur book that Kyle looks at every time we visit. Plus it gives me time to look at the magazines. Michael wanted to horse around a bit tonight, but that's ok - we all had fun. The library has started to carry games, so we borrowed one - turned out to not really be a game which was disappointing since we agreed to play it when we got home. We spent the time reading a Christmas book - so all is good.

"We're supposed to be a unit".... "Suck my unit..."

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