Sunday, February 22, 2009

um... I think something is missing

So while on my visit to Nazko today I had a few cups of tea with my mom. She usually has a few that I've never had and usually they are pretty yummy. Today she shows me this tea that looks very expensive.

The tea bags were in this fancy little sash bags and shaped like triangles. The tea tasted ok, but it needed honey to make it taste good. Any way I'm always curious about what goes into tea because I've tried making a few teas and like to "borrow"
recipes. So I go to the label on this one...

Hmmm, green tea, white tea, blueberry bits, dried apple, rosehip... but wait... where is the pomegrante? Apparently not in the tea bag and only on the box. With that I decided I better cut up some of the box and put it in with my tea, because I was going to have some pomegrante and they weren't going to keep it from me by only putting it on the box. Asses.

Follow up - so I went to lipton's website and found more promotional information on this tea - "tantalizing blueberry and pomegrante pieces is the perfect compliment to an active, healthy lifestyle." So now I'm going to contact customer service and see what's up

Dear Customer Service: I bought some of your blueberry/pomegrante pyramid tea and found that the label did not note any pomegrante in it and was just wondering what was up with that? It doesn't taste like pomegrante so I guess that's why it isn't an ingredient, but wonder how you can call it pomegrante tea when it isn't an ingredient.

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