Sunday, February 22, 2009

now this is weird...

Ok - usually I watch a few minutes of the Oscars and feel disappointed and don't want to watch because man - it just goes on and on... but tonight I really liked what I saw. I didn't sit here and watch the whole thing and missed seeing if Heath Ledger won or not - need to google that after this post... but I really enjoyed the past winners presenting to the current nominees - that was great - and they also gave people time to speak. For award shows they did a good job - and that's tough to say since I remember watching it some years and being left thinking - what the hell was that - and why on earth did I sit through it - tonight I've been left thinking - man there are a bunch of films I want to see... I'm even interested in seeing the benjamin button movie and I've never wanted to see any of Brad Pitt's movies. I'm definitely going to see the Reader (I love Kate Winslet) and Slumdog Millionaire.

Ok... so Heath did win... I guess I need to add the Dark Knight to the list of films to see too

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