Thursday, February 26, 2009


So lipton got back to me and reported that the pomegranate is listed under natural flavors... please feel free to scroll down to the photo - you'll see that it just says natural flavours... they apologized for any confusion... what it left me wondering was what else was going into natural flavours... if you don't have to spell out what is in there than why even have a label.

I also wanted to report on a close talker that I had to deal with today. No kidding - there was all the space in the free world and she felt compelled to stand as close as she could to - in fact she was so close that she motioned her hand to something and smacked me in the boob - like WTF! So I kind of shuffle back and she continues to press in on me. It was awkward and very weird and it wasn't like it was just once - she spoke with me multiple times during the day and repeatedly had to stand with me... go away closer talkers - I don't like you.

ok - and to top that off with a bowl full of cherries - how is this for first impressions. I had the pleasure of meeting other people in my field of work and we had just met. We are talking for a moment about the chocolates I've brought (custom made in Quesnel) and I get this - yes, that's good - but is there anything special in them. This leads into a conversation about hash and how hash gives the best body high, to which one quips well what is a body high and this other person goes on and on about it - including how well he performs (yes, that kind of performs) on it... I'm like - WTF is wrong with you people... I proceeded to pretty much avoid the freaks for the rest of the day... my plan is to avoid them again tomorrow and just get away from all these crazy people.

Plus my anxiety is terrible. So roll all that up and tie a ribbon on it. Good times, good times.


Jen said...

Totally with you on the close talkers. In fact, so with you on how disturbing it is, it's my weapon of choice when I need to intimidate students. (I'm short, I look young, but if I get really close and stare them in the eye while talking in an even tone, or better yet, a really sweet one while alluding to consequences...)

And yeah. No random hash talks when you're supposed to be doing businessy stuff, or even around people you first meet.

How do you get to have all the fun, April?


I don't know which word was better, sterse, or ingrapp.

april said...

Thanks Jen - yes - always good times wherever I go... what kept you up so late.... I woke up at 2am - SAD - my fabulous anxiety - I'm fine, but just a little worked up for some reason - I actually opened my eyes and thought it must be morning - like 8am... I was very disappointed to see 2am... and now I'm up - at least for a while. So that just adds to my overall day :)

Jen said...

lol I was in bed by 1. That's an early night for me, so I was kind of proud of myself for that! :) Whatever the day holds, dinner, kids, tv, any chores/tasks that need done, 'puter, then bed.

Off to go set tiles for the backsplash, and scrape the broken grout out of the floor, and...