Saturday, February 07, 2009

what gets me out of bed

12:45am going to sleep... did some light reading and just unwinding... and then I hear something mechanical and then my brain says - april that sounds a hell of a lot like the garage door opening - so I'm up and out of the bed trying to see if our auto light has come on... it hasn't... - ok - calm down - it isn't someone breaking in.... lord... and then I hear something else and my heart rate goes from a whisper to a gallop... but I'm not putting up with that - my brain kicks in and says - well then lets just go and check it out - don't sit here and worry all night about that... so I go outside and see if the door is open - nothing... ok but maybe it closed - so I go down and check the interior entrance - nothing... but now I'm awake... ARG! stupid brain - and wouldn't you know it - I'm home alone... boys are at the grandparents, andy is at work - I've got the night to myself and now I'm sitting here more awake than I was hours ago trying to get my brain to turn off and let me go back to bed.

What else? I saw two moose tonight - cows - just in case anyone was wondering if there are still moose up in them there hills...

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