Friday, February 13, 2009

lordy lordy

So I've been having some difficulties (putting it mildly) with anxiety for the past six weeks or so. Stress induced apparently. So I've been visiting my doctor and trying to de-stress... (HA) Today I went back in for some test results and because he'd called me back in. I anticipated that my test results would be clear so I wasn't worried about the appointment - but was curious.

He came in and we chatted about how I'm doing and what I was feeling and he was happy to hear that I felt like a lot of my symptoms were as a result of stress and not as a result of actual physical problems. My most recent test of a infection screening and peptic ulcer test were fine. He reminds me that I'm ok and that I just need to take time for me... ok and then he says "Can I ask you a personal question?" I'm thinking gees... I've got a personal relationship with you - you've seen some parts with an up close and personal view... what could be more personal then that... so I say - go ahead - what's the question?

Ok - so hold back the laughter if you can... he says what's your relationship like with your mom? I actually laughed. I said so what does she think I have. He says - what I need you to do is not listen to her because she is only going to make my anxiety worse. HA - this I know... but I'll be honest - she reeled my in a few weeks ago - had me convinced that I needed a CT Scan... but I think we can all agree with who needs that scan :)

Anyway - he gets into all the details and says that she thinks there is something wrong with my appendics and that he should do an ultrasound. I could barely contain myself. He goes on to say, now don't get me wrong, she can believe what she wants. We can be ok with that - but you don't need to believe her. Here I sit 12 hours later and I wish I'd asked for that on a prescription note... it might just be a first of its kind...

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