Thursday, February 12, 2009

That 25 list...

Well everyone else is doing it...

1. My favorite comfort food is toast with cheese whiz and little bit of mustard... I then like to dip that in hot chocolate

2. Due to a jaw problem I've been unable to chew food for more than six weeks

3. A horse kicked me in the face when I was four years old

4. I haven't read a book I enjoyed in a couple of years and have been on the hunt for a good read for a long time

5. I've started sleeping with a hot bag (those bean ones that you stick in the microwave for two minutes) because for some reason my feet are cold every night

6. My favorite book for a long time was the Stand by Stephen King, I tried to read it before Christmas and I couldn't even get through the first couple chapters because it was more graphic than I could take

7. I love hiking and had a blast writing our area guide

8. I want to win the lottery and retire

9. I want to own my own retail business - I think something in gifts and baskets or travel

10. I like roasted marshmallows especially those nice brown ones mmmmmm

11. I like camp fires and I love sitting around the fire yakking with friends

12. I love to watch the sky at night and try to watch one meteor shower annually

13. I like Survivor man

14. I have a Canadian maple leaf tattoo on my foot

15. I want to live in a city that has an ocean beach

16. I hate accounting

17. I'd take a good rain storm over a hot day anytime

18. I like margueritas

19. I love hugs

20. I love jamming and canning

21. I think the only choice for the final torch bearer for the 2010 games is Rick Hansen - period. (Carm - I would be willing to split my vote for Trevor Linden... having a hockey puck shot light the torch would be pretty cool)

22. When I was a kid I dreamt about making a book that would read to me, not that I didn't enjoy reading but because I loved being read to... now they have "TAG" and it works just like how I dreamt it should

23. My brother and I sat around one day a few years ago and tried to figure out how to invent a frame that people could load photos into... about six months later they came on the market... sadly we are getting no benefit from that... damnit

24. I want to go to Hawaii and would gladly accept an invitation

25. I still love mail

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Carmen said...

I would vote for Rick too... Trev's slap shot isn't all that accurate and he would probably bean Jaques Rogue in the head :)