Saturday, February 21, 2009


Alright so I'm watching the UFC match up tonight and a commercial comes about a kid in high school who didn't know how to meet up with woman at dances... until he started using Old Spice under arm pit stick... and can you guess who it was - the man who said that that was him from years back... LL Cool J - WHAT! I can't believe it - he is a beautiful man - BEAUTIFUL! And he is talking about how pit stick made his life better. It can't be - it just can't be... I'm choosing not to believe it.

He should be selling trips to the Bahamas or anything else.


Carmen said...

I always thought Old Spice was for old men...

april said...

I completely agree... I get it - they need to branch into new markets because their market isn't - let's face it - only getting older... but of all the people to be their celebrity sponsor.... does that mean that I'm getting old?