Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tuesday 10... shockingly on Tuesday

Another 10 from Roots and Rings
1. What is the most exciting thing to see on a baseball field?
I like watching people make a great catch or run their hearts out to get home.  I loved going to live games in the US - they were completely and totally awesome!
2. What snacks do you usually get at a game?
Absolutely - you have to have beer, a hotdog and peanuts - it just completes the experience and be there on time - or they will run out - run out of hotdogs, run out of peanuts and yes, even run out of beer. 
3. Do you yell at the umps? Other players?
I don't - when you are at a real game you pay attention - those balls come really fast and you can definitely get hit at a game... well if you sit on the game side of the field - if you are in the outfield - well I guess you could be shouting and not care as much... I guess... 
4. If you could be commissioner for a day, what would you change about MLB?
I'd stop paying sports people the money and shift our world economy and pay the people who matter in our day to day lives - pay our teachers, pay our doctors, pay our people who work and not the people who entertain... oh wait - it said commissioner and not king of the world.
5. Which of the following have you seen in person at a baseball game:
a. a rainout? nope
b. a no-hitter? nope
c. a grand slam? nope
d. your face on the JumboTron? nope
e. a squeeze play? nope
f. a fight? nope
6. What do you say to people who claim that baseball is boring?
They are absolutely and completely boring on tv... as is Nascar - but to see it in person - holy - it is life changing!  It is fantastic! 
7. What do you think of the recent trend of singing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch?
I actually didn't know about this... so is it really a trend... I mean really - if I don't know about it - how can it be a trend... 
8. Old school “knickers” or full length pants?
Full length pants
9. What do you do about the obnoxious drunk guys/girls sitting around you?
I take photos and post them on Facebook - and then hope that someone ID's them... nah.. I usually ignore stupid people... this goes for meetings and general life... if you are mean to me... I will ignore you... that's just how it is
10. For a game you’re watching in person, what’s your limit on extra innings? How many before you just bail?
I would stay forever - the game is the game and after you've sat through Nascar - you can sit through anything...

I had something really witty to write tonight and I've completely lost it... maybe it will come back later.  
Kids - Michael is complaining about back pain now... this is causing me to worry and I'm going to take him to the doctor - kids don't have back pain.. do they?  Things I need to know... if you know.. it is kind of all over... he doesn't seem to have an exact spot but he seems like an old man when he moves and complains about pain on his spin.  
Good reading - I'm reading - Food Matters by Michael Pollen - it is great - read it - do it - it will make you healthy - you don't need a diet program - just read his book - over and over - leave yourself notes around your house that remind you to eat like the book says and then walk for 20 minutes every day.. done - healthy - live longer - contribute - make your life and the lives of the people around you better... fast, easy, simple.. it cost you nothing... nothing then a little time reading a book...
Work - holy could I vent about it... but I won't... let's just say that the stupid people comment is for many... 
Photos... I'm working on it - the new computer got hooked up tonight - it is GIANT and great! But loading photos is taking longer than I expected ... and going through photos is more hurtful than I'd imagined... it makes me tear up to think about it... blah...
Ok - end on a high note... I met someone from the Canadian Forces today and that was cool - we talked about tanks and planes... I know... what the hell kind of high note is that... I'll play an F on my flute... that will be my high note :)
xo - my loves - sleep well - xo