Tuesday, March 27, 2012

stupid dumb sick

So I started getting sick on Saturday - mildly - now I still can't swallow properly and am in pain and now I've started coughing crap up... great!  So it is definitely an infection and I need antibiotics - I go to the doctors in a half hour and then hope this all starts getting better... blah... blah, frickin', blah!

And I'm home with antibiotics in the system... and I hope for improvement. My doctor is a bit worried at the severity of the streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat)  and wants me back if there is no improvement because then it could be something really bad - and stupid me I unwisely googled it and I really, really don't want what he is worried could develop.. so he upped my dose for three days and then we see how it goes... this sucks... I was so bagged by going outside and I'm so light sensitive that it was a bit of a nightmare to even bother to be out.  My doctor also noted that I should have gotten antibiotics on Sunday in ER because it is one of the worst cases he's seen - that doesn't really make me feel any better either.

My doctor says - "so who is taking you home?"  I say me - pointing at myself.  He laughs.  "No really..." really... then he says - I'll call my wife and tell her I'm bringing my deaf-mute friend home to be looked after... this didn't really make me feel any better.  You see - when I do speak - that is exactly what I sound like - I sound like Marlee Matlin.   I think the best thing I heard was that it wasn't something I could share around - which is great news.. since both David and the kids have been around me - not to mention everyone at work and beyond.

And so now what... well food is out - I've lost five pounds - I'm on liquids, and popsicles and am pretty much miserable.  So I'm going to pick up the boys in a bit and then we will have a quiet evening and then I'm going to just book myself out of the office for the rest of the week.

xo my friends and family - I hope all of you are significantly better than I am.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone... 

one more note... I've been home two days and I can't believe the number of times people ring the door bell - of course I'm not answering because I have no voice and hate pulling out my note cards - yesterday the Witnesses were here and just now someone else came up - good grief... 

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