Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't really have much to write tonight.  Well nothing nice.

Work is a gong show and I can't believe what is sitting before me to work on, but I just keep picking away at it.  I finally felt caught up last week and then started planning for future weeks.  My doctor called me back in to review my ultrasound results, which I'm sure is totally fine, but bugging me anyway.  I haven't seen the kids in four days and only got to talk to them tonight - I guess I just need to call and stop thinking that I might get a phone call.  And there is a whole other pile of stuff that is bugging me right now, but for all that... well there is just simply too much cursing to bother posting.  Disappointment and cursing... that sums it up...

Wow - totally released the valve.... sigh.

And now I'm going to work on some slippers and continue to unwind.  I'm reading some very interesting books and articles and trying to work on some future planning - need more creative outlets - my work is great, but I'm definitely drawn to the creative outlet opportunities over everything else I do.

Now I will leave my problems here.. leave them sitting on the blog and hope that I'll get some sleep tonight - and that I won't be bothered by the problems and that sleep will take me to a beach in Hawaii where I will walk and collect shells and just be....

xo - good night

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