Monday, March 12, 2012


Winnie the Pooh stopped by my office and advised that today is going to be a very blustery day - and it really really is.... I'm surprised that we haven't lost power given the gusts.

I'm sorry this became a weekly blog over the last little while - I keep meaning to write and then don't get to it.  I did actually take a few photos of Bali so I'll post some of those - I'm going to load my new computer at home with photos tonight and hopefully post - yes - there is a new large computer that is going into the house and I'm a little excited about it - it means the start of some new exciting projects for me and that is great... love the creative stuff.

The kids are good - Michael has been off the last little while - just not his usual happy self - the other day I actually found him (after looking) standing in his closet in the corner just looking out of the room.  The rock collector suggested that it might be his special spot to get in touch with spirits (I know... gawd).  It was just odd - he was just standing there looking at me and not saying a word.  We took him to PG for the day - alone - so Kyle went to grandma and grandpa's and Michael got a mom day and some fun... but he just isn't himself... separated/divorced parents - is this a side effect?  I know he is growing and things are changing but this surprised me.

Kyle is good - moody -but good... he catches me off guard sometimes with his moodiness - and how quickly he can be happy... but he has always had an up and down kind of character about him.

And I guess that's it for right now - I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to see what is wrong with some parts - again... and then lots of meetings... and while I don't feel like I need a break - I do feel like I need a break.. not sure if that will make sense but - I don't know... I feel like I could just spend a life time in the tub just reading and doing nothing else... but the other part of me is like - move - do it - get going...


hugs and kisses to you - I hope you are managing to stay in a warm place today while the winds pick up and throw around BC and to my Calgary family and friends.. watch out - I'm sure it will come up over the mountains and cause you havoc tomorrow.


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Jen said...

It's normal. He's got some things to work out, and he (no matter how much it doesn't make sense) will probably have some guilt attached to the whole proceedings. It's an adjustment. Just keep giving him love and attention, and he'll come around. Apparently I spent a month or two doing nothing but crying. The seven stages apply to the end of relationships too, not just life.

All I could think today was that it was blustery. So your posting made me smile. :)

I know the same feeling you were describing. I've had it awhile now. If I'm alone, I generally get to doing something, if Tyler's here, I sit. But regardless, just about every Monday night, I make muffins. Silly little things that I thought I'd be making for one week...that was 3 1/2 years ago. There are kids at that daycare that won't eat muffins unless they're mine. But I make them mini size and then I get two trays. One for them, one for me! Today is healthy(er) chocolate muffins made with yogurt. We'll see how they turn out.

Be good. Hugs to everyone.