Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy Dina - I'm sick.  I went to emergency yesterday and am now home and just lying here.  My throat is so swollen that swallowing is very painful - I'm barely sleeping - last night I slept with ice on my neck to try and get it from the outside since nothing I'm taking for the inside is working.  I've got about 10 bumps on my neck which apparently are my lymphs crying out for help... I'm taking Advil and Tylenol and they don't help.  ER told me to wait for test results - which absolutely sucks - apparently they won't be back in until tomorrow - whatever is growing in my throat has to grow in the lab and that takes time.

I feel like a pile of uselessness since I really can't do anything - I can type, but not for long because I get light headed and my neck hurts so bad that I can't be upright for long because ... well it hurts too... I've been sick for more than two months now with different things - it freakin' sucks.

End whine...


one addition... have you had strep throat before - if yes, what did you do for it... any suggestions for calming my throat... I am not a fan of freezing my throat with strep-sils or whatever they are called... which says that I'm being stubborn about this whole thing, but I'm looking for other suggestions.  I'm going to buy a hot water bottle so I can sleep with that tonight - at the very least the combine effort of both tylenol and advil have lessened my ache - but nothing for my throat and slightly alleviated my headache... sigh

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