Thursday, September 23, 2010

columbus ohio

I arrived in Columbus Ohio - the buckeye state - the buckeye is a nut... for your information.

Last night I got in and took the opportunity to go and see an NHL game - Bluejackets/Capital (I <3 the capitals) - $10 and because the Bluejackets were taking the beating of a lifetime there were good seats open - so here is the view from centre line - 18 rows up...

Today I was talking to someone about what to do in Columbus and she said - oh well there is going to the game - and I immediately say - well I went last night - it was great and she just looks at  me... like I'm from another planet.. you see the game - was football... welcome to the USA - where football is king and the playbook is the bible... and so she told me about a game this weekend.

Hockey here is totally different - during the intermission they did this...

This is beach ball rolling with flippers for prizes... yep... and then they have cheerleaders who clean the ice - they cleaned the ice about 5 times in the 3rd period - completely unnecessary - but I guess people like that.. and then they had a canon go off when there was a goal - a real giant loud canon - I guess I'm just too use to hockey being the "game" and nothing else.

Anyways - I'm heading out to take some pictures to share what Columbus looks like - nothing like Quebec - I'm sad to not here french anymore and keep expecting people to bust out in it or for people to look at me in confusion because they don't know what I'm saying.  

What I've learned again on this trip - American's don't smile enough - they should take lessons in smiling and loosening up - let us all live happy lives... 

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