Sunday, September 19, 2010

oh la la la

Alright - so I'm Quebec and today was the first day where we had people talking in both French and English and holy man - I thought my head was going to explode. Someone will be speaking in French and you've got a headset on trying with all your might to concentrate on the words the translator is saying to have it make sense but the guy "calling" the conference stutters and doesn't make sense and you just can't understand what the hell is going - I've never been through anything like it - it was like torture because I just couldn't put it together.

I'm not feeling great today - not a flu, but just sick - probably from the food - it isn't the same and - holy - if you like mayo you should come and live in Quebec - they love it here - it goes on everything! literally - I haven't had one meal yet that didn't have it on something or as a side... unbelievable.. and yet there are lots of hot quebec people so maybe there is something different in their mayo.

I'll have photos later today - I forgot my cord, but am boring one from someone so I can load up.

Love to you!

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