Friday, September 03, 2010

sleep walking

Well - odd as this is - I started sleep walking again last night. I opened my eyes this morning and actually couldn't figure out where I was. I had a blanket, but I couldn't figure it out. I knew I'd slept walked somewhere... and then I got it - I'd transported myself to Michael's room - and Michael couldn't figure out why I was there... said he hadn't called me... so I don't know when or what prompted this... but I thought I'd share... at least I didn't wake up outside... I'm always scared of that.

I'm super tired tonight. Feel like I could sleep for 12 hours... but sadly - it will be more like six... maybe seven - night my friends - more hugs to you! xxoo

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M said...

Steve called me out of no where today I always am so shocked. But he was so excited about his new job, I'm sure you heard. Go Steve Go! WoOp.

Love you lots and here is a big HUG for you.