Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tuesday - that's under two days - I'm leaving for three weeks for training - wrapping up my EC D stuff - so I can graduate before the end of this year. I'm heading to Quebec City first and would love to hear some ideas on what I should definitely see and do while I'm there. I don't really have a lot of spare time - in fact - I think it is under a few daylight hours - but if there is something I should really really go and see then... I'd like to fit that in rather than just sitting in my hotel room.

Today we went four wheeling - Kyle had a blast and Michael - well he was done about an hour in - good time, good time, good time and then he was just finished and complaining - 'who thought this was a good idea, when can we go home' granted we went for two hours - and it was a lot and it poured... but it was fun and we got outside and did something together.

And then we got home... Michael is going through a box of games and holds on up and then starts screaming - wasp - wasp - he is so shocked that there was a wasp in there in the first place and then for the damn thing to have stung him - well - the wasp must have been barely clinging to life though as it just hit the floor - I can't figure out why it was even in the box... weird... so then he cried hard for about 5 minutes and then worked to get over it... fast forward two hours and he is watching a movie with kyle and enjoying the tale end of the weekend... and look at that - that loops back to the fact that I'm leaving on Tuesday morning and haven't packed anything.

Alright - back to unpacking and then on to packing for the trip.
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