Wednesday, September 15, 2010

quebec - bonjour

So I've busted out bon soir, merci and the days of the week this trip... plus I can still read french so that is great - I left my hotel room at 5:40 this morning to get my first flight to Toronto - then Toronto to Quebec City and basically got here at dusk - I did go for a walk tonight just to see some of the buildings. I've been told that we will tour a bit while we are here and see old Quebec during the day - but we'll see - not a lot of time for that - between classes and conference sessions - little worried that there will be large sections of the conference in french... but we'll see - you see - I can understand slow french, but if they get going.. I have no chance.

It really is like being in another country though. Tonight we got told about the Canadian tax - not the gst like we call it - the Canadian tax - and they are getting charged 6.5% - I kind of laughed because seriously - we are charging Quebec more - no wonder they are pissed.

So it is now 2am - or 11pm BC time - so I'm struggling with the time change - but what's new about that... I guess I'll lie down and try to find some sleep - long day tomorrow - that much I know for sure :)


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