Sunday, September 12, 2010

tea for your tub

Um... ok so I bought some tea bags for the tub... now at the time I was very impressed with the scents and thought that would be great in the tub and I could relax and enjoy... um... here is what I failed to calculate...

When I make a regular cup of tea I use a tea bag that is about 3 times bigger than the tub one. Now when I use a regular tea bag I get between 2-4 cups of tea... now in walks the bath tub tea - three times bigger... why did I think that it would scent my whole tub - that is far more than 12 cups of tea... and I know it shouldn't be colouring or flavouring the water - but I wouldn't have even known there had been a scent in the water if I hadn't unwrapped the tea bag myself...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here.. any advise?

Ps.. We moved nearly everything in the house - less a few minor items - the guest room is pretty much set up, the living room is set up - upstairs and downstairs, the boys rooms are set up - our room has our clothes nearly put away but the room is a disaster but that is because we are going to redesign it and didn't want to set up when it will all just be moved again - I've been able to start packing and that is great... well great and not great - I'm sad about this trip - longest I've ever been away from home... it is all good and fine.. and if you post your mailing address or email it to me (aakcheng atsymbol gmail periodola com) I'll send you a postcard ;)

more xxoo - lucky you :)

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