Saturday, September 04, 2010


Alright - so since it is bound to come up and I can't be ashamed about it - I'm just going to come out and say it...

We moved back to town.


We rented a giant honkin' u-haul and basically moved most of the house back today. It was insane. Lucky for us the kids had a birthday party to go to and we got three hours to move. That meant the living room (all the heavy furniture, the bedrooms - well beds and some of the gear, a little bit of the kitchen and then various other stuff - desks, etc...

I know... you are like - um' hold the phone here ms. thing... what do you mean you moved back to town... what? why?
so here is the list of why...

1. The water burned my skin - even when we got it fixed it still wasn't great and I couldn't drink it
2. There are bears and Michael was afraid every night that a bear was going to come in the house for food (he thought he might be on the list as food)
3. The neighbours had giant dogs that roamed the neighbourhood freely and crapped all over the place
4. The drive (I know - my city dwelling friends - hold on...) 15 minutes (one way) and exceeded what some of us felt was ok (I know we are spoiled - I'm 1.2 km from work and the only reason it takes me 10 minutes is because I have to drop off kids in two different locations... )
5. The house was haunted (ok - it totally wasn't - but that sounded good)

So we are back in the house that is adjacent to the crack shack and trying to settle before school starts - stop rolling your eyes... I see that... I know - I know.. I KNOW!

I also love you! I hope you are having a wonderful evening, my legs burn from the move today - and we still have a bit to go tomorrow.. and then the joy of unpacking stuff... all with the clock ticking on my next departure - I leave for three weeks of training on Sept 14 and feel completely unprepared for it even though I've known it was coming all year.

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Jen said...

Oh April. Sucky. In so many ways. But, you can have a bath again. That'll be good.

Poor Michael.

Many hugs. Hope the re-move goes smoothly.