Thursday, September 30, 2010

october 1... really

And another retarded flight plan... note how A to C also looks like the smart route but apparently - is not.

Indianapolis was pretty cool - I'd definitely send people here.  There were some great lessons for community revitalization that I'll be taking away from this - woohoo :)

Alright - night my loves - this daily flying thing is draining me like nothing I've ever experienced.
Love to you :)

(Paula - I love you - thank you for your voice mail and email - I miss you so much)
(Mel - thank you for putting up with my texting at flight - I love you - you don't know how much I appreciate you putting up with my crazy behaviours)

1 comment:

M said...

I love you too and I will always put up with your crazies after all they run in the family. Rest and remember only a few more days and you get to hug those little and large men of yours :)