Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tomorrow's flight plan

Sheesh - so today was a bit much - I arrived from Columbus to Atlanta Georgia - way south - and there airport is HUGE - I mean I had to take a train to get from where I landed to where I need to take off.  The Atlanta airport people were nice - one talked to me about God and blessed... in fact - that has happened twice today.   Blondes from Canada in America - watch out :)  It could be a video... but not that kind...

Anyways - then I flew back up to Cleveland and made my way into town to check out the downtown for my thesis - I was pretty disappointed and that only grew as the lights went out.  The downtown is poorly lit and the signage isn't great - they could definitely make improvements.  I understand the city has had tremendous change with the recession (a word that people try to avoid here) but it is a shame when the buildings are beautiful.  I got to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - the building is wild - the items inside... well you can't take photos - so you have to have a really good memory and they kind of missed the music that I really really like - no Metallica section, no Pearl Jam, no Sharon Lois and Bram :)

Anyways - it was a whirl-wind tour and now I can't sleep.  So I'm going to work for a bit and then crash for a few hours and then....

Here is my day tomorrow - and again - see how it would be far smarter and less environmentally damaging for me to fly from A to C but no... they have to add in B and so I'm flying to Detroit tomorrow... - shorter flights though and that is good - looking forward to visiting downtown Indianapolis.

xxoo my loves :) 
good night

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