Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Michael turned 6 today.  Sigh - I can't believe how big he is getting and that he is his own little person... I ended up getting to take them out for dinner tonight - an unexpected good thing.  He is hopefully having a party on Sunday - we will see what his friends decide to do - he got a few gifts to open tonight - something he'd really wanted was a bath robe and I finally managed to find one... it is pretty posh... and he tried to wear it to bed.  (I know, I know - who asks for a bath robe... )

I'm hoping that the weather goes back to winter again and that we get some snow - I'd like to go cross country skiing this weekend but right now... well it doesn't feel like there will be any snow.  It rained hard here tonight and has been unbelievably warm - usually January is wicked cold so I'm not super upset about some warm weather, but that's enough... bring back winter... please.

I gave away most of my scrapbooking stuff today - I've got some paper and a few stickers left - I was happy to see it go to a home were everything will be well used and used up.  

I'm going to head to bed early - Kyle got up in the middle of the night and I didn't sleep very well after that.  He walks in - half asleep - and says - I'm cold and I'm sleeping in your blankets.  I laughed - pushy at 4am... who does that... 

So glad it is nearly the weekend - can't wait to have this week over... can't wait!
hugs and kisses to you - lots - take more if you need more :)

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