Saturday, January 14, 2012

the wart

Last night we went through the third and most difficult application of the freezing on to the damned wart. It was definitely on its way out, but it bugged Kyle last night.  It bugged him to the point that he couldn't fall asleep.  He said it hurt and that he just couldn't sleep.  So I let him read and then after an hour of no sleep I said that was enough and went to check on the wart.  I could see that a smaller upstart one had gone on its own and the beastly one was definitely looking dead.. and so I took it off.  Kyle initially didn't want me to - he was upset - how could I do that - it wasn't ready - but it absolutely was and off it came.  And yes, I totally gagged when I did it - but I guess that is what mom's are for - dealing with the gore and then being emotionally scarred over it .. :)

And then sleep came - hooray - and now the wart is gone-ola!

What else - well it is Saturday and I'm going to the gym.

Want to do a quick quiz to see what kind of tea you should drink to make you feel better... check out David's tea Dosha quiz.  It is explains what Dosha is and then describes teas that will bring you balance.  I don't have a David's tea in town, but we do have a great tea shop that has similar kinds - so if you are like me you can probably find similar teas - or just wait until you are in towns that have David's tea - PG actually has one and it is somewhere I regularly stop.

Have a great Saturday!


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