Sunday, January 15, 2012

the damned pool

Since Bali is getting ever closer I figured I'd better get some swimming in and see if I remember what I'm supposed to do - I've been in the past year, but never really get to swim - not that I did tonight either, but we'll get to that.

So first of all, I test drove one of my new size 10 bathing suits and wanted to cry because it totally fit - I mean totally fit - freakin' hooray - it was actually baggy in spots, but I need it a 10 for the 'girls' - they need size 10 space... but seriously - ok - anyway - little excited...  so I walk over to the pool - not the usual sprint and ease into the water as to not allow people to see me - I took my time with the guys and then we played and went from the bath water pool to the cold pool (stupid) but that's what the guys wanted... so then we play and swim for about 45 minutes and then they want to jump off the diving board - sure - give 'er - Michael flings himself off - hooray... Kyle stands like he is going to dive with his hands in a prayer position in front of him.  Instead of diving he kind of goes off sideways and does a bit of an odd landing into the water... he comes up fine and then he is covered in blood on his face.

Given my life long experiences with blood I don't panic but it does bug me that he is bleeding - he didn't land on his face... anyways - he swims over to me and I tell him he is bleeding - he says he is fine and then it pours out of him... awesome - so I pull him up and out of the pool and the lifeguards take him to get cleaned up and checked out... while I wait for King of the Dive...

And then we are standing in the first aid room while they stop his nose from bleeding in about the roughest way I've ever seen but he is fine and then I remember the last time we were there - last time it was me sitting in the chair because Kyle had kicked me in the face and I'd bled all over the place... sigh.

Other than that we had a quiet day - made lasagna, stayed warm, played games, watched cousins play hockey and hang out with my cousin who I haven't seen in a few years, watched a movie, and hung out.  Back to work on Monday and then I'm on the road working in Lillooet for a couple of days.

xo - I hope everyone else's weekends had less blood in it but all the fun :) love to you!

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