Monday, January 02, 2012

hello 2012

First of all - goodbye 2011 - thank you for teaching me many, many, many valuable things, thank you!  I'm so glad to close out 2011 and just move on to 2012.

I have so much to look forward to in 2012 - I mean it really seems like a never ending list.  I'm heading to Bali in February, Japan in the spring - still booking, Iqaluit in September and then lots of trips to Vancouver and the rest of BC and hopefully a trip to Calgary... 

Resolutions - well I've never been one to really make one - weight loss continues and now it is more about maintenance and toning than anything else.  I plan to go to some TRX classes throughout January to help with that.  I'm dropping caffeine - or rather - largely dropping caffeine - I can now see what it is doing to me - I finally caught the pattern and now I'm going to stop doing that to myself... I just needed to see the pattern.

2012 is a year for joy and happiness - it is a year of moving forward and starting new projects and living.
We only get so many days on this earth - the rock collector continues to advise me that there are only about 350 ish of them left... and then a few will be left behind... regardless of that nonsense we all may get hundreds/thousands or ... who knows... but let's enjoy every day.

My sincere and best wishes to you for 2012 and for every day and year as we all go forward!

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